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Designed and formulated for daily use, the VidaCushion can be integrated seamlessly and comfortably into your daily routine in multiple settings. Utilize this cushion for meditation and mindfulness, posture correction, relaxation, and even pain management. Integrated with four different holistic therapies, the VidaCushion is your portable therapist for self-care, anytime and anywhere.

 Device Features:

    • 4-6 Hour Battery Life (1 Hour Charge)
    • 7 Far-Infrared Color Treatments
    • Bluetooth Connection
    • LED Control Screen
    • Customizable Vibration & Sound Settings
    • Portable & Detachable
    • Dimensions: 22 in x 19.7 in x 5 in (56 cm x 50 cm x 12.7 cm)
    • Weight: 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg)

VidaCushion Therapies

Far-Infrared Color Therapy

When light of a certain color is shined on an area of our bodies, that colored light is absorbed and creates electrical impulses in our nervous systems that energizes cells and stimulates biochemical processes. In our device, colored light passes through a Far-Infrared fiber which increases circulation to the targeted area of the body. As a result, color therapy can treat the physiological and psychological imbalances in our bodies, leading to mood improvement as well as physical pain management.

Massage Therapy

Physical vibration created through powerful pulse emitters in the VidaCushion serve as a form of physical therapy to relieve pain or soreness in the body. Customize the intensity of the vibration to tailor the device to your specific needs.

Sound Therapy

The device’s Bluetooth pairing capability enables you to play your own music via the device’s high-quality speakers. You can play anything from music to guided meditations. Our wellness team recommends that you play Binaural Beats while using the VidaCushion as they have been backed by several studies to lower stress, aid with anxiety, induce sleep or mental concentration, aid in meditation, and promote overall relaxation.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields are widely used to improve circulation, cell metabolism, mental concentration, and even sleep quality. Our device integrates this FDA approved therapy by emitting Schumann waves which interact with our nervous system to restore balance, healing, and focus into our physical and mental states. The Schumann frequency is 7.83Hz, which is the universal frequency of Earth.

Resonant Frequency Configurations - VidaCushion

Customizeable therapy for your daily needs. Simply turn on, tune in, and zen out.

Learn more about Myridian's Resonant Frequency System here.


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