AsanaSeat: I work remotely from home and this chair has been a staple in my home for months! My favorite feature about this chair is the fact that it is perfect for meditation. I have meditated religiously for 30 years and the second I sit in this chair, I am already in proper spine alignment for mindfulness practice. I connect my phone via Bluetooth to the chair and play binaural beats through the AsanaSeat’s speakers to help me reach my meditative state much quicker than I have been able to naturally in years!

- Brian Kim

The BetterBrace has changed my life. I’m a creative director and in my long work weeks and hours, it’s easy to get mentally burned out and fatigued. I’ve been using the BetterBrace to boost my mental energy and get me on a higher, more productive frequency! I love that I can whip this out at work at my desk and in just 30 minutes, I am able to feel refreshed and re-energized to get through my mid-day energy slumps!

- Kaitlyn Pierce


BetterBrace: I live a very active lifestyle which leads to constant sore muscles and joints. The BetterBrace provides me with instant pain relief and it’s a great alternative to over the counter and prescription medications. As a pharmacist, I have personally seen the negative side effects of prescribing pain medication to my customers, so devices like this are a perfect way to promote a healthier, long term recovery and change the wellness game! 

- Dr. Robert Urban, PharmD.


Practicing mindfulness and meditation daily have always been hard for me. But now with the VidaCushion, I find that it’s so much easier to create the space and energy I need to be able to properly relax my mind and my body. Being able to play peaceful sounds and guided meditations through the cushion itself while enjoying the custom massage and vibration functions has been an absolute game changer. I treat myself with a personal R&R session each night after long days at work using the VidaCushion!  

- Courtney Gray  


VidaCushion is unlike any massage chair/cushion I’ve tried before. The massage feature was more powerful than I was expecting and it was super relaxing the moment I sat down on it. So helpful for back and shoulder tension from sitting in uncomfortable chairs all day.

- Liliya Jones


BetterBrace = Better Day. I work hard. I put a lot on my body — particularly my neck — throughout the day. When I tried the BetterBrace with its pulsating and heating feature, I instantly felt relieved. My shoulders relaxed, neck loosened, and mind became instantly de-stressed.

- Kiet Fong


BetterBrace is my favorite! The portable design means I can take it wherever I go. It is lightweight and fits my neck curve very well. I can wear it during work, lying in bed, or even walking around for a break. I love the warmth and vibration, which make me feel relaxed and calm down. I almost fall asleep when wearing it.

- Nina Tang


VidaCushion is a lifesaver! I threw out my back a couple weeks back and this was the perfect solution to help realign my body and release tension in my muscles. Definitely a must!

- Donnie Schroth


BetterBrace: I was very skeptical when I first held this device, but I was very pleasantly surprised. My right knee has always given me problems for all sports (snowboarding, running, boxing, etc.) and it seems to be tight at all times. Using this device for just a short period of time, I immediately had more flexibility in my knee than I have had in years. I stretch every day and use supplements to help my joints, but this little device had an immediate effect. Highly recommend, especially because it can be used on multiple body parts.

- Sam Ostler


VidaCushion: After sitting on the VidaCushion for a minute I knew I wanted to buy one. It was extremely soothing on my tight back and was calming. The fact that you can use it in the car was just icing on the cake. This product is a no brainer if you carry stress in your back like I do.

- Sherry Chang


AsanaSeat: The AsanaSeat felt better than my normal office chair (and I have a very nice one)! It was extremely easy to have proper posture and my knees felt very well supported. Throw in the fact that this chair uses vibrations to help soothe the lower back, I am very happy to be using this product!

- Elisa Wu


BetterBrace: I have chronic shoulder pain — the kind that keeps me awake, and causes me to tear at my hair. Everything about BetterBrace is awesome. Not only is it easy to slip on, it actually works. The heat and pulsating massage together causes a nice tingle that goes down your spine.

- Austin Booth


The BetterBrace has completely revolutionized so many aspects of my life with its ability to target therapy to multiple pain points in my body. However, my absolute favorite feature about this device is the fact that it has cured my insomnia almost immediately since I started to use it! I simply turn it on, leave it on my pillow next to me, and almost immediately I am brought into deep state of the best quality sleep I have gotten in years. I absolutely recommend this device to anyone!

- Harry Friedman


AsanaSeat: Being in a client service role for years, I have had to sit in office chairs for extended amounts of time. We can all agree that this is not an ideal position especially when trying to recover from a gym session the day before. The AsanaSeat is a gamechanger – you can truly feel the comfort and relaxation from your neck all the way down your back and through your knees and ankles. I could sit in this chair all day and still be ready for another gym session. Every office should have these chairs! 

- Tony Lam 


AsanaSeat:  When I used the AsanaSeat, I could instantly feel my posture and spine alignment improve immensely. Coming from the finance industry, I spend hours hunched over my computer at my desk. Using the chair boosted my productivity, reduced muscle pain and joint stiffness, and enhanced my overall well-being. It even has Bluetooth connectivity for my music and different vibration settings for much needed massages! I would recommend this product to all my friends and colleagues!

- Nathan Dixon 


AsanaSeat: I’m obsessed with the AsanaSeat. As someone who spends 10+ hours a day in front of a computer screen, I’ve started getting neck and back pain because my posture is terrible and. With the AsanaSeat, I could immediately feel the difference, and my whole spine is pain-free. Working for long periods of time is much more comfortable. Highly recommend to anyone who is conscious about their posture and spinal health!

- Priya Bhika


BetterBrace: Like many people, I suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain. After just a few minutes wearing the BetterBrace, I could already feel the pain start to dissipate. I love how convenient and easy it is to use BetterBrace. I can wear it while watching tv, reading, or cooking, so it doesn't take any extra time out of my busy day to be able to get relief. 

- Laura Gardiner


AsanaSeat: The AsanaSeat is perfect for relieving my lower back pain. While suffering from a herniated disk, sitting on a couch or chair was unbearable. Sitting in the AsanaSeat not only relieved the painful pressure from my lower back but also delivered relaxing and soothing vibrations that helped me heal faster. I am so grateful for the AsanaSeat! 

- Alicia Jones


VidaCushion: The VidaCushion is beyond relaxing and helps ease my chronic back pain. I love the Bluetooth connectivity feature so I can listen to calming music. I also love that it is portable so I can use it in my car or at my work desk, perfect for this girl on the go!

- Carly Freeman


BetterBrace: The BetterBrace was so enjoyable to use and comfortable to wear. I sit at my desk for 8-12 hours a day and constantly put stress on my neck so what the BetterBrace has to offer is perfect for me. Being able to use all the built-in features, heat, massage, light, and sound therapy, on a daily basis would be such a treat. The heat and massage coupled with the light are so pleasant and relaxing which helps me better focus on my tasks at hand. If you find yourself sitting at a desk or standing for prolonged periods of time the BetterBrace is perfect to help combat any aches or pains that come along with it.      

-  Austin Marks



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