• Myridian Wellness Partners + Ambassadors

Myridian Wellness Partners

At Myridian, we believe in the power of our community and supporting other wellness businesses who also stand behind the preventative & holistic health movement. We have partnered up with several other companies that offer services, products, resources, and most importantly, education and awareness, to enhance your daily health and wellness routine. These partners have endorsed Myridian products, and Myridian is proud to likewise endorse and support these fellow wellness companies in their mission to make alternative and preventative forms of wellness more accessible, convenient, and customizable. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay connected with special and exclusive promotions, events, and giveaways with our corporate wellness partners!

Myridian Ambassadors

Not a business? No problem! Myridian is also seeking Ambassadors that have an interest or expertise in the alternative and preventative wellness field. These ambassadors are passionate about sharing premium, holistic wellness solutions with their network and believe in the long-term benefits of preventative health.

As a Myridian Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to share Myridian products and offers that are not available to the public. In return, you’ll receive exclusive rewards, product samples, and other Ambassador-only benefits.

To join us as a Myridian Wellness Partner or Ambassador, please email us at info@myridianglobal.com.

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